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Goodbye, Giants Stadium

Let's reminisce a bit about happier times. Now that the New York Giants have played their final regular-season game at Giants Stadium, let's look back at the three decades the Giants spent there.

What are your favorite memories of the place? Use this thread to share them.

Also, if you haven't read Jim's fabulous series on Great Moments in Stadium History be sure to do it now. Even if you have, it's worth refreshing your memory. Links to each of Jim's posts, which first ran last summer, are below.

  • Great Moments in Stadium History: Fathers and Sons
  • Notable Moments
  • 'We stomped YOU OUT!'
  • Pats Perfection
  • Next Stop Pasadena
  • The Road to Pasadena Begins
  • Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
  • Any Given Sunday
  • 'Nuff Said