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Giants player quotes, post-game, 12.27.09


They beat us.  There are no excuses.  We had everything in the world to gain.  And we had everything to lose.  We didn’t come out and perform the way we needed to, we didn’t get it done.  They outplayed us and they thoroughly beat us. 


We have to look at the film.  We have to really reflect on what happened today and we have next week to prove that this isn’t the way we are going to end the season.  They didn’t do anything differently than we practiced for.  Having Julius on my side was just a huge challenge for me. It was a challenge that I welcomed.  He showed me that I still have a lot to learn and I still have a lot of techniques to improve upon.  If I am going to be a part of this team, I have to be able to contribute the way I was brought into this team to contribute. I am young and I have a lot of growing to do.  I stood up to him, went play for play with him and took it for what it was. 


For whatever reason we didn’t show up to play.  I really thought that we were going to be the team to come out and dominate today.  It is an embarrassing loss. 


It is embarrassing, I know that much.  Outside of the fact that this is the last game ever to be played at Giants Stadium, you are not going to win any games nowhere playing like that.  We have a chance next week to show what kind of team we really are.  So we are going to have to watch film this week and figure out what we have to do.  They had injuries also.  They had two new guys starting on their offensive line, too.  We just didn’t play well period.  It ain’t going to be nothing special when we turn the film on.  We just have to figure this out. 


I’m very disappointed.  With all that we had riding on this game, fighting for a playoff spot, the last game at Giants Stadium and to come out and perform like we did, I’m at a loss of words right now.  We knew what they were going to do when they came in.  They run the ball, they try to keep the quarterback comfortable, and keep themselves in manageable down and distance situations.  We didn’t do a good job of tackling today. 


This is definitely not the way we wanted to go out.  Obviously there is still another game on the schedule.  And we just have to come out of this and come back and play hard next week.  We have to go back and look at the film and make corrections and figure out why this actually happened.  I don’t want to talk about reasons so close to the game.  You really can’t make a good judgment call on this just yet.  But we have to really sit down and be honest and make sure we get our mistakes corrected.


We just didn’t play our best today and they played good.  I really don’t understand how it happened.  They got up quick.  I don’t think we had as much energy as we had last week.  We were flat.  I think that we needed more energy out there today.  I think they just came to play today.  Their tendencies were the same.  They just played good today. 


They came out and beat us.  It’s that simple, we didn’t play good in any aspect of the game.  They just lined up and won the game.