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A little bathroom humor

Hope you all had a great Christmas! I know I did, even if I wasn't feeling 100% for a good part of the day.

Maybe it is the fact that I was a bit under the weather that made me react the way I did to the Giants press release I received about this weekend's game -- which dealt largely with this being the final game at Giants Stadium and how the organization is looking forward to moving into its new home next season.

Seems that, among all the fancy new amenties the new house will offer is a bathroom near the sidelines that Vice President of Medical Services (a fancy name for head trainer) Ronnie Barnes said "the players desperately wanted."

Insert your own joke -- you guys can probably come up with better ones than I can. I can just see players running to the tunnel when they come off the field. Will the sideline reporter be required to find out if they did 1 or 2? Yuck! I really don't want to know.