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'Favre-troversy' brewing

Need something to chat about while we wait for tonight's kickoff? How about the brewing 'Favre-troversy' in Minnesota.

The team was listless Sunday, losing 26-7 to a lousy Carolina club. It’s now 11-3 on the season, but 1-2 on the month. And, in the confrontation that will send the frozen Upper Midwest into a virtual meltdown, coach Brad Childress tried to bench [Brett] Favre in third quarter only to have the quarterback somehow overrule him.

"Yeah, there was a heated discussion, I guess you would call it," Favre told reporters afterwards. "We were up 7-6 at the time. No secret, I was getting hit a little bit. I felt the pressure on a lot of plays. We had seven points. So I think everyone in the building was like, ‘They’re not moving the ball, they’re not getting points.’ Brad wanted to go in a different direction and I wanted to stay in the game."

Favre won that test of wills, which, may not be taken well within the Vikings locker room. Since when does the player get to tell the coach to shove it? Actually, it happens more than you think, which doesn’t mean it isn’t a significant sign about who’s in charge of whom.

If we don't get another great season-saving run by our Giants, at least maybe we will get to watch Favre, his ego and his aging arm have another meltdown. That would be some consolation.