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A Q&A with Warpath Confidential

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A bonus for you. My pal Rick runs 'Warpath Girls' at Warpath Confidential. This is Erin, current Warpath Girl.
via A bonus for you. My pal Rick runs 'Warpath Girls' at Warpath Confidential. This is Erin, current Warpath Girl.

Seems like I am awfully chatty these days. First Hogs Haven, then my weekly roundtable with Ernie Palladino. Now, I have a Q&A for you with my good friend and long-time Washington Redskins beat reporter Rick Snider.

Rick's work can be found at TheRickSniderReport and WarpathConfidential. He has covered Washington sports since 1978. Incidentally, Rick gave me my first real job in the newspaper industry. So, in a way, all of this is his fault.

Anyway, on with our little chat. By the way, my answers to Rick's questions can be found at Warpath.

Ed: The Redskins are playing much better the past few weeks than they did early in the season. Can you pinpoint what has changed?
Rick: It’s a few things. First, the three playcallers finally meshed. They also started calling a lot more three-step drops to beat the pass rush and run more north-south. Essentially, they’re negating a bad offensive line by getting the ball out quicker.

Ed: It's pretty much a given that Jim Zorn is out as head coach at the end of the season. Who takes over?
Rick: Mike Shanahan is the heavy favorite. Bruce Allen’s arrival pretty much seals it.

Ed: Finish this thought. The biggest problem with the Redskins organization is ...

Rick: The owner not letting others run the team. Oh wait, Dan Snyder just hired his first real GM. So, maybe that makes a big difference.

Ed: The last couple of years have not been pretty for the Redskins. There seems to be some optimism going forward, though. The Redskins could make the playoffs in 2010 if ...

Rick: The offensive line can be rebuilt and they have a decent quarterback, whomever that is.

Ed: Which team makes the playoffs this time around -- Giants or Cowboys?

Rick: Cowboys. No wait, Giants. Wow, this is a tough one. The Redskins could knock out either in the next two weeks. Given Dallas swoons in December, I’ll go with the Giants.

Ed: How does Vinny Cerrato’s departure impact the team?

Rick: It’s huge. Cerrato was not well liked inside Redskins Park or by fans. This eliminates a big negative factor while hiring Bruce Allen is a big upgrade. Fans love the son of George Allen is coming.

Thanks to Rick for taking the time. Whether or not you guys want to thank him for getting me into this whole business in the first place is up to you.

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