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Tom Coughlin, 12.19.09

Q. Aaron Ross is back?

A. He did a little something today, yeah. He was limited, but he did some things.

Q. What are you going to list him as?

A. Questionable.

Q. How about Corey Webster?

A. Doubtful.

Q. Kareem McKenzie?

A. Doubtful. I am holding the trump card on that. We’ll see. It is still a ways to game time.

Q. With Ross, he went to go get examinations on his hamstring?

A. Whatever they always do, they check to make sure. He did that mid-week probably.

Q. All of that checked out OK?

A. Well, he’s got a hamstring strain.

Q. Does the weather affect your travel at all this weekend?

A. At this point, no one has really discussed that. We are going to train down, so I don’t think that will be an issue. Anything I have heard, someone said that even if it snows all night, it’s done around six (a.m.) and if that is the case, we don’t travel until one o’clock so we should be okay.

Q. Washington had to cancel their practice today.

A. Is that right? Because of the snow?

Q. Yeah. They don’t have an indoor facility.

A. How much snow is there down there?

Q. One of the things that Eli (Manning) and Kevin (Gilbride) were talking about was the emphasis on getting the ball out to the hot routes. How important is that, considering the teams you are going to be seeing?

A. Always important. If you are not, then your purpose is defeated because there is always somebody coming from somewhere to make the play. You have to beat the coverage defender and of course you are talking about, in a certain down and distance situations, it’s fine, once it moves up to long yardage it is a little risky even picking up first downs with hots. You have to have the ability to maneuver the hots and the sight adjust. Even when you max protect you are one short.

Q. Kevin said that it was more relying on the hots rather than blocking everything up?

A. That is what it was last week, yes.

Q. Did you have to tell the players much about watching the Dallas game tonight and how it might affect everything?

A. We go over the divisional standings. Who is playing who. They can see the significance of the who’s playing who and who the divisional leaders are. That has pretty much been spelled out.