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Super Bowl coming to town?

The Super Bowl in New York? I won't believe it until it happens.

The NFL has given the go-ahead for the Jets and Giants to bid to host the Super Bowl in early 2014 at their new stadium set to open next fall.

The league is waiving a rule that requires host cities to have a minimum average temperature of 50 degrees for game day or a dome. No decision will be made until next spring

"It's time for the biggest game in football to be played on the biggest stage in the world," Woody Johnson, the Jets, owner, and Jonathan Tisch, the treasurer of the Giants, said in a statement.

"We are confident that the appeal and prestige of the New York City metropolitan region, coupled with the innovative capabilities of our brand-new state-of-the-art facility, can provide a unique and exciting experience for the teams and fans, as well as the entire league and the sport of football. And, of course, we would love to bring the Super Bowl – and its significant economic benefits – to New York and northern New Jersey."

I'm not buying that the league would actually bring its showcase event to a cold-weather climate in the middle of winter. But, I hope I'm wrong.