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Memo to Manningham: You're getting on our nerves, too!

Seems New York Giants wide receiver Mario Manningham is not too pleased with questions about his, umm, imprecise route running.

Manningham had two chances to score a touchdown in the Giants’ loss to Philadelphia on Sunday. He landed out of bounds on both.

The day after the game, the second-year receiver grew aggravated when asked about those plays — and about what he can do better on routes near the sideline.

"That isn’t the only route I run," Manningham said. "It looks like that’s the only route I run. Everybody’s saying I’m going to the sideline or whatever, like that’s the only route I run."

"It is (frustrating) because I ran worse routes than that, and that wasn’t even really a (bad) route," Manningham said. "I could have kept my feet in. I don’t really want to talk about it, because it gets on my nerves how I know that I ran a worse slant route (Sunday) and I caught the ball, but y’all didn’t see that because I caught it."

Hey, Mario, you're getting on our nerves, too. Because you are costing the Giants points. We love you, man, but you have to learn not to run yourself out of bounds. Please!