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Spags still believes in Sheridan

By now you might have heard that former defensive coordinator and current St. Louis coach Steve Spagnuolo e-mailed Bill Sheridan this week to offer encouragement.

"Bill, I think, is as knowledgeable a football coach as I’ve ever been around," Spagnuolo said on Sirius’ Movin’ The Chains. "I tremendously leaned on him when I was there. Matter of fact, I e-mailed him this morning to just kind of hang in there because I know it’s not easy. It’s a tough setting and the expectations are high there and they should be.

"But I do believe they’ll bounce back. I did talk to Tom [Coughlin] this morning just to kind of see how he was doing and, you know, their season’s not over. You know how that is. These next three weeks, especially in the NFC East, anything can change. Although, Philadelphia looked pretty strong the other night.

"I do think Bill will rally the troops. There’s talent there. At some point all those guys gotta step up and play and I know that they will. I have a lot of confidence in that crew. And it’s not just Bill, guys. That whole staff - Peter Giunta, Dave Merritt, Mike Waufle, the whole crew that’s there, they work their tails off, they know football, they’re smart and they’ll get it straightened out."

Spagnuolo has seemingly made a habit of e-mailing Sheridan this season. I have a better idea. Hey, Spags, your team stinks. Forget their last three games, they can stink without you. Loan yourself back to the Giants for the rest of the season and straighten out this mess!