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Top 10 reasons you have to want the Giants in the playoffs

I have been surprised by this week's playoff confidence poll, which currently shows 70% of those who have voted still believing our New York Giants will find a way into the tournament.

Yet, I still see a lot of comments saying, basically, that some folks don't care. They figure the Giants aren't good enough and they will most likely get their butts kicked in the first round. So, they might as well miss out and get a better draft pick. To be honest, I can't even begin to fathom that kind of thinking.

Assuming you are a Giants fan, here are the Top 10 reasons you have to root for the team to make the playoffs.

  1. The Giants making the playoffs means, almost assuredly, that the Dallas Cowboys don't. Really, that's enough of a reason right there. Who needs nine more?
  2. A possible third crack at Philadelphia. Wouldn't you love a shot at doing to the Eagles what they did to the Giants last season?
  3. The 2008 Arizona Cardinals. A 9-7 team in the Super Bowl? Don't have to look far to find one.
  4. The Minnesota Vikings. Yeah, they look like a juggernaut compared to the Giants right now. Gotta get excited about the possibility of ending another Brett Favre comeback season in misery, though. If that doesn't get you pumped up, nothing will.
  5. Jets fans would be insufferable if they somehow find a way into the playoffs and the Giants are left out.
  6. Speaking of insufferable, who wants to listen to Philly fans if the Giants don't even get into the tournament? Apologies to 'Bye, Dawk' and 'Joe_D,' of course.
  7. It's a looong off-season, even with making the playoffs. Sorry, draftniks, but I dread the thought of starting that discussion in earnest any earlier than I have to.
  8. You know that 'honey-do' list that just keeps growing? Don't you want an excuse to put that off for just a few more weekends?
  9. If you've got to listen to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, or Kenny, Moose and Goose, the Giants might as well be playing in the game.
  10. The 2007 Giants, obviously. In Week 15 of that glorious season I doubt you would have found a soul anywhere who would have predicted a Giants Super Bowl championship. But, we will never forget what happened.