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Opening the Big Blue View mailbag

Let's do something right now that I don't think we have ever done in the nearly three-year (yes, it's amazingly been that long) history of Big Blue View. A Big Blue View mailbag.

In case you had not noticed, I have been tagging many recent posts with the Big Blue View e-mail address. So, if you have questions or comments you want to send directly to me rather than leave in a post on the site, you can do that. Here is some of what I have received recently.

Jason, whose screen name I could not find, sent in the following question.

Q: I'm just a huge fan and avid follower of Big Blue View. I really think there should be discussion about firing Sheridan, but who would we replace him with?? In your recent post you suggested the defensive backs coach or d-line coach, but I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than have the guys running our d-backs or d-line run our entire defense. Isn't there someone in the organization who was sort of an understudy for Spagnuolo? If not, I think bringing in someone new would be the best option. I really don't think anything good will come out of the coaches responsible for this year's dreadful defense. You obviously know more about this than me though, so what are your thoughts?

A: My thought is this. The whole problem with the 'understudy' angle is that Sheridan WAS the understudy. Spagnuolo always used to say Sheridan was the guy he ran blitz packages by and went to for suggestions. Defensive backs coach Peter Giunta was St. Louis defensive coordinator for three seasons, including 1999 when they won the Super Bowl. He's a logical internal replacement for Sheridan. Some might even say he should have been the choice in the first place.

My recent article on Peter King leaving Michael Strahan off his All-Decade Team also brought in some e-mails.

Here is one from Gio (no screen name).

Peter King has no credibility. I hope AP gets it right. Forget Strahan but London Fletcher over Zach Thomas?? 7 pro bowls 7 All Pros.. What's up with that.

Here is one from Eric (no screen name).

A travesty of justice! Strahan is one of the all time greats. Not just all decade for the 2000's. Super Bowl's: 2 (1W - 1L) - Got em. Stats: 141.5 sacks; 660+ tackles - Got em. Pro bowls, all pros - got em. Every metric you can think of, Strahan has got it all in the bag.

And, I don't want to hear that Aaron smith is unheralded and under-appreciated. Strahan was a no name 2nd round pick no one had ever heard of out of a no name program (Texas Southern). Came in to the NFL with as a high motor guy with a tremendous work ethic. Turned himself into a sure fire, first ballet hall of famer. Is Aaron Smith headed for the Hall? I think not. Peter King needs to have his head examined.

Brewer5 writes the following.

(Peter King) is a Giant hater. I think he enjoys pissing us off and I write him nearly every week to complain about his latest slight to the Giants. My theory is that Tom Coughlin has not kissed his butt at one time or another and he has decided to bust Giant fans chops every chance he gets. Strahan is just the latest.

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