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What the Giants and Eagles are saying about Sunday's game

Here is some of what the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles players and coaches are saying about Sunday night's 45-38 Philadelphia victory. Be sure to check the 'Transcripts' page for complete interviews, provided by the Giants PR staff.

Here are a couple of snippets from Tom Coughlin's post-game presser.

On the loss.

"Disappointing loss. We worked hard, we prepared hard. I told the players, every guy wanted to do well. It didn’t work out that way for some. I was disappointed at the number of balls that were out on the ground. That is not what we preach and there we go. I think we were minus-three in turnovers and they capitalized," Coughlin said. "We still have a lot to play for and that is the way it is going to be. Obviously each game is extremely important and we’ve got to get ourselves ready to go to Washington next Monday night."

On the touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson.

"Should have covered him. Basically you have a two-man pattern. They blocked it up well. They protected, you know which, they maximum protected. I think it was a two receiver route. Threw the ball way down the field similar to the one they did to us over there before the half. Very, very disturbing."

On the porous pass defense.

"I didn’t think there was much pressure on the quarterback. We did not cover very well and we didn’t cover for very long. We keep trying to maneuver people in and out of different spots to try and come up with a better answer. We will just have to keep doing it. Of course, (Corey) Webster was out of the game there at the end of the game, too, and that didn’t help," Coughlin said. "You just keep working at it. Take a look at personnel. We will do the evaluation. We will do everything that we can."

Eli Manning (full transcript)

On his fumble following Jonathan Goff's interception.

"I went down and just right when I went down the ball popped out. I did go head first, that is just something I have to be careful of. Either go feet-first or just take care of the ball. Our defense got a great stop after that, we went down and scored, so it didn’t destroy us right there, we were able to bounce back from it, but in that field position we had a lot of momentum going and you need to try to take advantage of that."

On the much-discussed 3rd-and-5 draw, a call he vigorously defended. The call, by the way, did come from the sideline. It was not an Eli audible.

"We had the perfect call on for that defense," Manning said. "They went and played two-man. All the linebackers were to the right and we were coming back with a counter the other way and we should have had a big opportunity to get a big play right there, we just didn’t do it. We are going to look at the film and see what is going on. We were running the ball pretty well out of those things and when they are playing two-man and both safeties back we really had a good call on, we just didn’t execute it to our best ability."

Rich Seubert, summing up the frustration of the Giants players. (Full players transcript)

"Nobody cares about what happened tonight anymore. If we win the next three games, we will be in the playoffs. We gave them seven on a punt return; we gave seven on a fumble recovery. I guess that means that we just have to score more. We can’t win games playing like that. We just have to play better."

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