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Eli Manning, post-game, 12.13.09

How disappointed are you?

It is disappointing because we did a lot of really good things. We got off to a very bad start again, down 14 to nothing there at the beginning of the game, but I thought we fought back really hard.  We did some really good things, got back in the game, and scored.  In the second half, down 13, you go down and score twice and take the lead.  We really fought back and did a lot of good things out there. There really were.  When you look at the film there are going to be a lot of positive things to take from it, but there are also going to be some missed opportunities.  Just mistakes that when you get into tight games in the fourth quarter in the division you just can’t afford to make the mistakes.  We just weren’t able to overcome some of those things, but hopefully we can build from this.  We just have to have the mindset right now that we have three games left and we are going to have to win all three and it is going to start next week at Washington on Monday night.  They are playing well and it is going to be a tough game so we just have to get back to winning some games.

How deflating is it to go up 31-30 and on their first play they go ahead again?

Yeah, it happens.  It is kind of what we did to Dallas last week.  One play and you get a big shot and all of a sudden it just changes momentum, but I thought still after that we fought hard and we had some opportunities.  We just didn’t respond the way we needed to hit and get our big play and get back in the game and see if we could get something going.  Again, I thought we did a lot of really good things, things we can build from, but it doesn’t really matter.  It is all about winning games.  You never know what kind of game it is going to be.  You never know whether you are going to have to score six points to win a game or 40 plus to win a game, but you have to do whatever it takes.

What happened on the run where you fumbled?

I went down and just right when I went down the ball popped out.  I did go head first, that is just something I have to be careful of.  Either go feet-first or just take care of the ball.  Our defense got a great stop after that, we went down and scored, so it didn’t destroy us right there, we were able to bounce back from it, but in that field position we had a lot of momentum going and you need to try to take advantage of that.

Do you think of the opportunity lost since Dallas had already lost before you took the field?

Yeah, well it is still going to matter how we end the season.  Whether we are in first place tonight or not, these next three games are going to be important and they are still important to us right now.  We just have to handle our business.

The fourth quarter third-and-five draw call to Ahmad Bradshaw, what was the thinking there?

They went and played two-man.  All the linebackers were to the right and we were coming back with a counter the other way and we should have had a big opportunity to get a big play right there, we just didn’t do it.  We are going to look at the film and see what is going on.  We were running the ball pretty well out of those things and when they are playing two-man and both safeties back we really had a good call on, we just didn’t execute it to our best ability.

How tough is it when your defense is giving up a lot of points like in the past few weeks?

We know we have to score.  We have faith in our defense and each week we have great faith that they are going to get us the ball, get us turnovers, but offensively we know we have to do our part also.  We expect to go out there and score points.  We think we have the firepower to do that, to be an explosive offense whether we are running the ball or throwing the ball.  We have to get off to a better start.  We have to get things going, get a lead, put some pressure on the opposing offense, help out our defense.  All of a sudden they go down and score on the first drive and we have to respond with a score instead of giving the opposing offense seven points.

There was nothing you saw on the third-and-five draw that would have prompted you to check out of the play?

No.  We had the perfect call on for that defense.  We gave up a punt return and the offense gave up seven points so we can’t be giving up easy points like that.