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Donovan McNabb, post-game, 12.13.09

Q:   What did you say to the offense to get you guys going after the Giants took the lead at 31-30?

A:  I just tried to motivate all the guys the way the game was going it was just uncharacteristic of us.  Every now and then you need a spark.  It great play by DeSean, just tried to motivate those guys and tell them "hey we got your back, get us the ball back and we will able to do it again."  I think for our defense and the guys we have on our defense, the Trotters, the Sheldon Browns, the Mike Patterson and the list goes on.  The guys who been here, they understand that and I think we can try to provide confidence to each and every guy.  To let them know, we’re about our short term memory, let’s focus in on the next play and I think those guys did a great job.

Q:  What type of player is DeSean?  Have you seen anyone with his ability?

A:  You try not to compare him to anyone.  He wants to make a name for himself and rightfully so.  I think he separates himself from the others.  I had the opportunity to play with a guy like Marvin Harrison and he was an explosive player.  Obviously T.O. was an explosive player but that kind took credit away from his abilities when you try to compare him to someone else.  I think the things he’s able to do, he hasn’t really displayed everything and that’s the positive thing about it for all of us to be a part of.  To see the fact that you just see glimpses of it.  If it’s him catching the ball, the punt return, if it’s him catching the ball on a 15-yard route and turning it into 25-30. The sky is the limit for him as well as the other guys.

Q:  You really took a big step towards the playoffs with that win tonight.

A:  You know what, we truly do not focus on that aspect of it.  Obviously it’s tough because people started mentioning it a little bit before we got out on the field and our main focus was to come out here and do what we needed to do to win this game.  When you play against a team you see twice a year, you know they’re going to bring everything.  Bring the blitzes, the guys are going to slide around and try to jam our guys to throw off our timing.  I thought our offensive line did a wonderful job of giving me time to look down field and scan and try to get the ball to the open guys.

Q: How does a back and forth game like this feel?

A:  It’s not fun.  Not fun.  It’s fun when you’re on top, when you end up on top.  It’s been like that every time we have played in recent years.  It’s a credit to those guys and Coughlin and Eli and those guys of just making it a battle.  We brought the punch to them today.  They brought it right back.  When you come out on top it’s obviously a better situation for you.

Q:  Do you feel like this offense is setting the bar higher and higher?

A:  The sky is the limit for us.  When we can drive down consistently like we did, and be able to come out with touchdowns that’s the most important thing and I think we were able to that today.  To really put ourselves in a position to win.  We had the opportunity when we kicked the field goal.  There were opportunities with the miscues but we were able to talk about it on the sidelines and get it together.

Q: By the time the game started, you guys had first place in the division all to yourself.  Did you know that I and did that have anything to do with how you started?

A:  We were looking forward to this game.  When you play on Sunday night it’s just like Monday night.  Everyone is watching, so for teams that obviously are battling for spots, they’re watching.  We just want to put out a good show.  Today, our team just really focused in on what our job entailed and that was for us to be very effective in all phases of the game and do whatever it took to win the game.

Q: What was it like when you looked down field to see DeSean running free.

A:  Well we got the mismatch we wanted.  It was just a great route by Alex Smith of drawing the safety down over the top of him and I just tried to put it in a position where he can go and possibly get in the endzone.  Ross did a great job of recovering but I just tried to get it out there in front so there were no mistakes or not looking back for should-of, could-of, would-of.  That’s just really DeSean getting separation and that’s all you ask is for him to get an opportunity.  To get separation to try and get an opportunity.