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DeSean Jackson, post-game, 12.13.09

Q. Was that the most fun you ever had playing football?

A. Question was, was that the most fun I ever had playing football? I mean I’ve had a lot of fun times playing football and it just adds on to all the other games that I’ve had a lot of fun in. It was a blessing, man, honestly to get out there and fly around. Sitting at home last week was terrible and I just didn’t feel like myself. I told my teammates, "I’m going to come back strong." That’s what I had on my mind.

Q. How about in such a big game? I mean this pretty much knocks the Giants’ chances of winning the division…

A. It was a huge game. Sunday night…it gets no better than this. The world is watching, NBC, you know Al Michaels, I mean everybody is tuned into this. Like I said, we knew what rode on this game. I saw Dallas had lost, and I knew we had a chance to take over the division. Like I said, the Giants, I definitely take my hat my off to them because they played a tough, physical game with us. We were just able to make less mistakes and put more points on the board tonight.

Q. Can you take us through the punt return?

A. I mean the punt return was honestly a middle return. Anytime it’s a middle return I have the option to go wherever I want. So when I first caught the ball—actually when he first punted it, (Jeff) Feagles punted it, he usually doesn’t kick it in bounds, and when I saw him kick him the ball—the two guys on the left, on my team, actually did a great job of pinning (Domenik) Hixon to the sidelines, and he put it in play. From there, I caught the ball, went to the right a couple of steps and I didn’t see nothing was going on that way, so I turned around and came left with it. They did a great job of sealing the sideline off for me, and I saw (Jeff) Feagles and it’s just a rule to me, I try not to get tackled by the kicker. Then that’s when I did get my little move in and get into the endzone.

Q. What was said in the offensive huddle right after the Giants took the lead 31-30?

A. Personally, myself, I feel like I’m kind of the big play, the go-to receiver at crucial moments. So I went to Donovan (McNabb), Coach (Andy) Reid and Marty Mornhiweg, and I told them "just put the ball in my hands." They were doing some single coverage a couple of times and I was like there is no way they can single coverage me. It was actually a Cover-2 and Donovan (McNabb) made a great throw and I just ran as fast as I could, do what I needed to do to get into the endzone.

Q. Did you have any uncertainty early coming into the game, coming off that injury?

A. No man, not at all. I honestly felt great. It’s almost like a full week of me feeling like myself after my concussion. I’ve got to say, I honestly didn’t feel regular last week, sitting at home. It’s the first time in my career, in my professional career, that I had to sit at home and watch my soldiers go into a game without me, that was not fun. Like I said, I did everything I could to get clear Monday and Tuesday with the doctors and everything looked good so I was able to play.