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Eagles player quotes, post-game, 12.13.09

RB LeSean McCoy

Q: How good does it feel to be in first place?

A: Definitely means a lot. We’ve been fortunate by getting an opportunity to sell out and cut into the division, and that’s what we did today. I think everyone was driven by that.

Q: How big of a day was it for the offense that you guys were able to strike back every time the Giants did?

A: You know, sometimes the offense is down and the defense has been backing us up and keeping us in the game. I think today that we had to come out and do the same thing to our defense; when we needed them, they kePT up strong in the end. But we knew that the offense had to come out, compete, and battle.

LB Will Witherspoon

Q: The defense had two big stops in a row after DeSean had that big touchdown catch. In your mind is that the biggest moment for the defense today?

A: I think those were two of the biggest moments for the defense today. Again, it solidifies it for us and really gives us a very big foothold at that point in time.

Q: How does it feel to be part of a fast-paced game where it seems like a track meet?

A: Yeah, there’s always that point where the defense gets together and says, ‘Okay, enough is enough, let’s shut it down and get it over with.’ As a defensive player, you have to understand that there are times that come when you have to deal with that. The real question is can you overcome them. I think the best thing we did tonight was take it in stride, and look at the eventual outcome.

CB Dimitri Patterson

Q: Look back at this game…it was really back and forth. Did it feel like Playstation?

A: I mean, not quite. It was a tough game, and we knew it was going to be a tough game. New York is a good squad, and they have a good offensive line. It was one of those games where you didn’t know what was going to happen. You just have to keep fighting and keep going all four quarters.

DE Darren Howard

Q: You guys had some penalties and some missed tackles, but does the outcome wipe the slate clean?

A: It’s like a tale of two games. The first game we played against them, they tried to run the ball and we kept stopping them. They just found a weak point in our defense, and we went back to the drawing board. We need to watch film to see where they were hitting us and plug those holes up.           

FB Leonard Weaver

Q: Why do you think you guys, especially DeSean, have performed better this year rather than last year?

A: Well, it’s the experience part of it mostly. I think also it’s the all around, and trying to do everything. Coming in as a rookie, you kind of struggle with your route running and getting open, understanding zones, and reading pressure. But I think he (Jackson) has been magnificent all around, and he became very focused offensively as well.

QB Michael Vick

Q: How did you feel on that long pass play? It seemed like the timing was good.

A: Yeah. Timing was good and I felt good in the pocket. I was able to see what the defense was doing, and the coverage, and I just made a good play downfield. That was one where I didn’t want to miss, and it felt good to get the ball out of my hands quickly.

Q: How big was the first drive of the game for you?

A: The first drive was big. We came out right from the beginning, and went down to score. Sometimes that can be the blade to a team, to have a team come out and go right down the field. Now they’re playing the catch up game so we were able to do that.

LB Akeem Jordan

Q: You guys won a big game, you have to be satisfied with the victory.

A: Yeah, every win is a good win, you know. We came out with a win, regardless of how the game was played.