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Eagles 45, Giants 38: What just happened?

Wow! Not a happy wow, but still a wow! I am completely exhausted after simply sitting and watch the New York Giants 45-38 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night.

How is it possible to gain 512 yards in total offense and score two touchdowns on plays longer than 60 yards and still lose? Wow!

Too much DeSean Jackson, a fumble by Brandon Jacobs that resulted in seven points for Philadelphia, two terrible pass routes by Mario Manningham and a defense that couldn't make a play when it needed one.

That's how the Giants lost, falling to 7-6.

Why is it that stange, un-Giant like things like a Jacobs fumbled and a ball squirting away from Eli Manning when he falls awkwardly to the ground seem to happen lately against the Eagles?

At least the Cowboys (8-5) also lost, meaning the Giants still have hope for a playoff berth.

That's all for now. Can't really think straight, to be honest. Back later with the 'Kudos & Wet Willies' after I've had a chance to get some rest and digest the complete insanity I just witnessed.