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Aaron Ross, 12.13.09

Q. How are you coming along with getting back into the lineup?

A. It is looking good right now. I am getting more snaps each week. I am not sure if I am starting or not this week. Like I said all the time, whatever role they put me in, that is what I am prepared to play.

Q. How comfortable are you now at safety?

A. I am getting there. I still have some things to learn. I know the defense but I still have technical and just small things that safeties that have been playing the game know that I might not. I have Michael Johnson, (Aaron) Rouse and C.C. (Brown) to teach me. It's been going pretty well.

Q. One of the things that safeties have to do is tackle. You are a textbook tackler. Does that tell you a lot about your being able to play safety?

A. Of course. I told somebody last week that I wasn't afraid to tackle. I don't know who it was but they asked me. They told me I had to get physical. I am very capable of being that person. I am not scared to tackle at all.

Q. When you play safety do you play more free safety or can you play both safety positions?

A. The way our defense is set up you have to know both positions because the offense may switch their formation and we can't just keep running and flip-flopping. I have to know both sides.

Q. Are you making the calls back there at that position?

A. Yes. If it is on my side, then I have to talk to the corner who is on my side. We might have different coverages on both sides.

Q. Do you miss playing corner?

A. Of course. I have been playing corner all of my life. Terrell (Thomas), Corey (Webster), Bruce (Johnson) and (Kevin) Dockery are doing tremendous jobs. The coaches told me they needed me more at safety so that is where I am prepared to play.

Q. Is it a different mindset at all?

A. It was at first but now week by week and day by day in practice I am getting used to it. Like I said before, the biggest thing for me is transferring my eyes from the receivers to the quarterback. I am starting to get a feel for it.

Q. You said that was the biggest change?

A. That was the biggest change.

Q. What has been the hardest adjustment from a technique standpoint?

A. Just knowing my alignment. When we are in cover two, cover three, the different coverages, knowing where I am supposed to stand. I know my responsibility but I have to start learning where I am supposed to stand to disguise the defense.

Q. Are you still thinking more than you want to be rather than being instinctive?

A. I would say so. I like to just play freely. Day by day I am starting to cut the thinking out and starting to just react. At first, yes, I was doing a lot more thinking.

Q. Are you starting?

A. I don't know.