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New York Giants Notebook: 12.10.09

Good Morning everyone, here are some of the headlines making news around the world of the New York Giants:

Final thought from me: I'm not convinced they've turned a corner yet, because they still didn't run the ball well Sunday, and if Jay Novacek came out of retirement to play TE for the Cowboys he would have caught at least 5 passes in that game. Expect the Eagles to attack that part of the field even more than Dallas did. The Giants need to be ready for it. Weather not expected to be a factor Sunday night, it will just be chilly, with temps in the 30's.

Beat the Eagles, and it's all there: the playoffs, the division, and maybe even one last home game at Giants Stadium in the post season.

One last thing about the weather:

It's 85 degrees here today. Wind Chill of 82. How's YOUR weather?

Have a good day.