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What others are saying about the Giants

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We all have our opinions of what has gone wrong with the New York Giants the past four weeks.

I figured I would look around the Inter-Google and sample what others are saying. I am going to present these to you without comment, since I am pretty much commented out right now. See who, and what, you agree with.

Blame the players, not the coverage --
In looking at the Giants' final sequence of calls, they used a two-deep, man under scheme that placed their corners in press coverage with inside technique at the line of scrimmage. The coverage is designed to allow the corners to undercut all underneath routes, while the two deep safeties are positioned with enough depth to prevent the quarterback from going deep. However, New York's corners didn't keep San Diego's wideouts from getting to the middle of the field. The easy access allowed Rivers to move the ball on an assortment of short throws. When the Giants opted to bring pressure, the defenders didn't hug up to their assigned receivers and Rivers was able to squeeze the ball into tight windows before the defender could arrive. While observers have been critical of the team's play-calling in recent weeks, it has been the poor execution by the defenders that has the Giants in a four-game losing streak.

Giants didn't play to win -- Clark Judge
The New York Giants have themselves to blame for their fourth consecutive loss. When you hold a three-point lead, have the ball third-and-goal at your opponent's 9 and there's just over two minutes left, you don't play it safe. You throw for the end zone to put that opponent away. The Giants didn't and suffered the consequences.

Giants line play lacking -- National Football Post
At the end of the game, the Giants put the burden of winning on their defensive line’s ability in the two-minute drill, and they failed. Look no further than the G-Men’s offensive and defensive lines as the main reason they’re on a four-game losing streak. They didn’t protect well, and even though they pressured Philip Rivers all day, they weren’t able to make plays at crunch time.

Season is on life support -- Gary Myers
Even though the Giants played better than they had in getting outscored 112-61 the last three weeks by the Saints, Cardinals and Eagles, and even though seven games remain to turn this around, the season is now officially on life support.

There have been other very difficult losses in the Coughlin era, of course, but with the season already spiraling out of control, it doesn't get much worse than Sunday's 21-20 defeat to the Chargers.