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Lawrence Taylor arrested in South Florida

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I've asked this a hundred times: when are pro athletes and former pro athletes going to learn to stay out of South 1108_taylor_mediumFlorida? Nothing good ever happens to pro athletes down here, this place is the vortex of pro athlete hell.

Add my favorite all-time Giant to the list of people who don't listen to me:

From the NY Post: (click link for full story)

Former Giants great Lawrence Taylor was busted last night in Florida for taking off after he was involved in a car accident, authorities said.

The 50-year-old NFL Hall of Famer was arrested in Dade County for "leaving the scene of accident/property damage," shortly before 10 p.m., Florida officials told The Post.

Taylor, who played his entire career with Big Blue and won two Super Bowls, was quickly released on $500 bond.

I sincerely hope this is all a big misunderstanding, because like I said, he's my favorite, and always will be, and blindly or otherwise, I'll always give him the benefit of the doubt.

Lastly, thanks to mrs. jrs1940 for texting this to me on my way to work this morning. (mugshot courtesy of