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New York Giants News & Notes: Aaron Rouse, Step On Up

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The big news in Giants land this weekend is that C.C. Brown has been benched. Whether you call him "Bad, Bad, CC Brown," "Can't Cover Brown," or my personal favorite: "The Guy I Wouldn't Let Start on my Flag Football Team," I think we can all agree that it's about time this move was made. Whether Aaron Rouse will be any better is anybody's guess, but I don't think he can be much worse. Rouse talked about the switch yesterday.

Coughlin: It's a One-Game Season

In a pretty uncharacteristic move, Coughlin has told the team that Sunday's game against the Chargers amounts to a "one-game season." Coughlin is usually a "one game at a time" kind of coach, and while this isn't exactly a "this team is going to the playoffs" moment, Coughlin's definitely putting his chips down on the table this week. I have a feeling Sunday's game will be a make or break one for the Giants. Win and they're 6-3 going into the bye and still in good shape for the playoffs. Lose and they're 5-4 and two games behind the division leader.

Coughlin spoke about Rouse yesterday, and let's just say he doesn't sound super-confident:

"No, I just think that – it is just the ability to play the ball in the air and we’ll see. It means that we are going to have to put him in the game to see how that is going to be"

Also in that link, Coughlin says that he may get fined because he was running late to a meeting. Funny stuff.

Other News

  • Ralph Vachianno hands out his midseason report card. He gives the offense mostly high scores, except for a C- to Eli. The defense is treated pretty harshly. Gotta say I agree with him for the most part, though I might bump Eli up to a C or even a B-. True, he's been awful the past 3 weeks, but he was also great the first 5 weeks, and he is playing through an injury.
  • File this one under "no duh": a Subway Super Bowl is looking less likely than it was a month ago. I think most of us expected the Jets to fall off, but the Giants mid-season collapse has certainly come out of nowhere.
  • Not really Giants news, but Matt Mosley speculates that DeSean Jackson and Austin Miles might be going to the Pro Bowl this year, and questions Steve Smith. I know it's easy to dump on the Giants right now, but Smith still leads the league in receptions and is fourth in receiving yards despite playing with a struggling QB. Pro Bowls don't mean anything in the long run, but I hope Smith gets the recognition he deserves - he's definitely emerged as one of the top receivers in the league.