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Friday afternoon New York Giants news and notes

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A few quick notes for you on a Friday afternoon, just in case you don't already have enough New York Giants reading material.


First, a site update. If any of you ever look at the masthead, you may have already noticed that regular commenter 'brisulph' has been added as a moderator. He has always done a great job of bringing objectionable stuff to my attention. So, when 'bri' comments and tells you to knock it off, or e-mails you a warning, he has my full support. Same with Jim or CJ. I am seeing a contentious tone lately in some of the comments, and I don't like it. BBV has always been a classy place, and I am determined to keep it that way.

Now, some football notes.

Kevin Gilbride wants to see two things Sunday against San Diego.

1. Fewer turnovers.

"You have to be really conscious of how important that ball is. Right now we are doing so many good things, if you can just stop doing some of those bad things, we are going to be difficult to contend with," said Gilbride. "We are leading the league in big plays, big pass plays over twenty, we’re doing a lot of good things, now just be more consistent. Certainly that consistency expresses itself in cutting down on mistakes and the biggest mistake of all is when you turn it over."

2. Brandon Jacobs and the running game being established right away.

"Yeah, I think that is always critical. The better we can do in that it just helps set everything up. It establishes the tenor of the game. It gets everybody excited when they see him running the ball with physical force and the prowess that he has. It certainly sets up some opportunities for throwing the ball down the field for some big plays," Gilbride said. "We haven’t run the ball very well in the beginning. We have run the ball after we have started throwing it. That is really what has helped him. He has been a beneficiary of the throwing. What we would like to see is us to start off the game running the ball better."

I'm not sure I agree with KG on that one. I think sometimes the Giants have run the ball well, then gotten away from it too quickly. But, whatever. As long as we see a steady diet of Jacobs Sunday I will be happy.

So will Jacobs, who can't believe he does not have a 100-yard game heading into Week 9.

"I would never even imagine that. If you would have told me at the beginning of the year, I would have told them, ‘bury you.’ But it is what it is. I’ve been running hard, I’ve been doing the best that I can and taking what they have been giving me and working and trying to make something of it," Jacobs said. "if anybody is due for one, it is definitely me."

Phil Simms says Eli Manning's plantar fasciitis has "got to be a problem."

"Think about it. It’s the pain. It’s not being able to do things the same way. You lose a little confidence. You can’t practice as much. ... "I’m just saying when you have something wrong with your foot there are a lot of problems that can come about because of it."

Big Blue View got a mention this week from 'Cold, Hard Football Facts.' We'll take it, regardless of what it is in reference to.

This was mentioned in the comments, but it's worth pointing out. 'Bad, Bad C.C. Brown' is at least facing up to his mistakes. He spoke about DeSean Jackson's 54-yard TD last Sunday.

"Basically, the whole play was my fault," Brown said after practice Thursday. "My fault that I gave up the deep ball, and my fault that I checked into the wrong thing. It’s nobody else’s fault but mine."

More than just publicly acknowledging his mistakes, he has also owned up to his teammates.

"I had to, I’m man enough to realize that, and I’m man enough to accept it," Brown said, speaking specifically about the Jackson play. "They were a little bit disgusted at me, but that comes with the territory."

My take: For Brown, that's a good start. Whether we like it or not, this guy is going to be important to the Giants the rest of the way.

By the way, the Star-Ledger is reporting today that Aaron Rouse worked with the first team today at practice rather than Brown.

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