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Can somebody communicate the problem to Bill Sheridan?

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I really want to believe Bill Sheridan is up to the task of being defensive coordinator for our New York Giants. I have to believe it. If I allow myself to admit Sheridan can't do the job then I have to admit this season is doomed to be a flop. I can't -- I won't -- start thinking that way yet.

Sheridan isn't making it easy, though. We all know his defense has been inexplicably terrible the past three weeks -- even he knows it. Watching teams basically have their way with the Giants defense the past few weeks has been hard enough.

Then Sheridan makes it even tougher -- at least for me -- by giving what I find to be some incredibly bizarre answers about apparent defensive communication issues during his meeting with reporters Thursday.

First, Sheridan said this in trying to find a reason for many of the big plays the Giants have given up.

"One guy is running one defense and some guy is running something else."

OK. So, that's a classic indication that there is confusion, or lack of communication.

Then, asked directly about communication Sheridan gave an answer I still can't believe. And I have read and re-read the exchange a bunch of times. Here it is.

Q. When people like Justin Tuck and Antonio Pierce say there is a problem with communication, what do they mean?

A. You have to ask them. I don’t know what they are talking about. They haven’t come to me regarding that. I am not trying to shut the question down but particularly I don’t know, you have to ask them. They could explain it to you, what they are referring to.

Q. You sense no problem in communication?

A. No, no. But, if there is, I would love to hear about it.

What? You'd love to hear about it? Hey, Bill, have you been watching the games? Do you have access to game films? I can show you the games on my DVR. Somebody actually has to tell you there are communication breakdowns? Good God!

What do you think it means when "one guy is running one defense and some guy (cough, cough, 'Bad, Bad C.C. Brown') is running something else?" Or when defensive backs start arguing with each other after plays? Or when your entire defensive line ends up on one side of the center? Or when Antonio Pierce is so frantically trying to get all the out-of-position players to line up properly that his back is turned when the ball is snapped?

Somebody get the man some glasses. Or binoculars. Or directions to the film room. Or a seat in the coaches box upstairs.

If the man can't see what we can plainly figure out on our television screens, and what Giants defenders are plainly admitting to, that worries me.

If he can't see the problem, how can he fix the problem?