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New York Giants News & Notes: 3-Game Losing Streak

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You may have noticed that I haven't been posting too many comments the past couple of days - mostly it's because I just don't know what to say about what has happened to the Giants over the past three weeks. I know a lot of people are ready to write them off as a team that feasted on an easy schedule and really isn't that good, but I'm not ready to do that yet. I don't think a team that looked so good for 5 weeks, regardless of who it was against, can really be this bad, especially when you consider the way they destroyed a Raiders team that made the Eagles look silly. Football's a funny game.

If you're like me and desperately searching for a ray of light in this stretch, here's something: two teams have had 3 game losing streaks and gone on to win the Super Bowl: the 2005 Steelers & the 2000 Ravens (and technically, the 2007 Giants lost 3 in a row, if you count the 2006 playoff loss to the Eagles). Onto some links:

  • Ian O'Connor says the Giants can't hide behind the Yankees any longer. His analogy to the '96-'98 Yankees makes me sad, because that's exactly what I thought was happening up until the Saints game. Instead, I'm feeling very similar to how I felt in August & September, 2007 - when it became apparent that the Mets, who had been the best team in the NL since opening day '06 were all of a sudden not very good. Luckily the Giants aren't waiting until the end of the season to have some kind of epic collapse.
  • Chris Canty & Michael Boley are returning to practice this week. They can't get back on the field soon enough - it's obvious to everyone that the Giants don't have enough athletes on defense right now.
  • This Sunday's game will be the first time that Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers will play against one another since they were traded for each other on draft day, 2004. Manning played against the Chargers back in 2005, but Drew Brees was still the Chargers QB then.
  • Paul Schwartz writes that the Giants cannot wait for a big turnaround. Well, at least we have something in common with them.
  • The NY Times Fifth Down blog continues its look at the top 10 moments in Giants Stadium history with Rodney Hampton's 51-yard TD runn against the Vikings in the 1994 playoffs. Interestingly enough, that game served as the last win in the careers of Lawrence Taylor and Phil Simms, but it was also the first playoff win for Michael Strahan.