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Bonus Giants notes: Boley, Pierce, Blackburn

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Since it is almost Thanksgiving, and I am seemingly in a giving mood, here are a handful of leftover New York Giants notes for your Wednesday afternoon.

  • Antonio Pierce is in Los Angeles to get a second opinion on the bulging disc in his neck. I can't imagine that is because he distrusts the Giants doctors. I don't blame him for seeking more information -- this type of injury could be one that threatens his career.
  • Mathias Kiwanuka has a great, very comforting, quote recently about Chase Blackburn.

    "He’s probably one of the most underrated players in the league," Kiwanuka said. "Yeah, obviously we miss having Antonio out there. He’s a great leader and a big part of this team. But Chase Blackburn studies. He knows every position on the field. He probably knows every special-teams position as well. We have full confidence in him."
  • Patricia Traina has a great piece on backup linebacker Bryan Kehl's work as a Mormon missionary. It's great stuff, and it also left me thinking it's no wonder that Kehl's biggest weakness as a football player seems to be lack of on-field aggression. It's just not part of his nature.
  • Michael Boley was named NFC Defensive Player of the Week.
  • No cheerleader photo tomorrow. Kind of inappropriate on Thanksgiving, I think. If you must have a helping of Denver Bronco cheerleaders, though, I know where you can find one.