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New York Giants News & Notes: Hoping for a Happy Thanksgiving

Some short week notes from the transcripts page:

"People keep asking me for an answer. I wish I had an answer. If I had an answer, it would be the end of it. We have not been able to stop those consistent pass drives late in the game. Someone asked me, I think yesterday, about whether there was fatigue involved. I don’t see that at all. You are talking about 50 degrees at this time of year. I just don’t see that. We have given up some pass plays, obviously. We have given up some opportunities. When we could have gotten off the field, we didn’t. We had some third and longs that they converted, too. Keep working."

  • Justin Tuck talked about some of the Giants 4th quarter woes. He also had possibly the line of the year, when asked about Thanksgiving dinner plans:

"I eat everyday. I am not worried about necessarily eating on Thanksgiving Day. Hopefully I get to eat some quarterbacks."

Other Stuff

  • Recently signed defensive back D.J. Johnson, who spent much of the year on the Broncos practice squad, has apparently been trying to help the Giants get ready for Thursdays game. Remember when some Giants fans were complaining after Andre Woodson got signed to the 'Skins practice squad? The shoe's on the other foot, now. (And oh, by the way: Andre Woodson was recently cut)
  • The Philadelphia man who was accused of sending threatening letters to Tom Coughlin has plead guilty. I will use up all of my willpower for the day and not make a disparaging remark about the city of Philadelphia, and just say that this is certainly a strange story.
  • The NY Times 5th Down Blog continues its countdown of the Top 10 Moments in Giants Stadium History with the Giants week 17 loss to the Patriots in 2007. I was at that game, and while it almost certainly wouldn't have made the top 10 if it weren't for what the Giants accomplished over the ensuing month, it was really an incredible game and a playoff atmosphere. Way better than the actual playoff game I went to (2005 vs. the Panthers). My two best experiences at Giants Stadium both came during that 2007 season, and I'll be curious to see if the other one makes the top 5.
  • Finally - Happy (almost) Thanksgiving everyone! Ed giving me a chance to help out on the front page and the reception from the awesome BBV community is definitely one of the things I'm thankful for this year.