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Post-game transcripts

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Here are some of the comments made by players and coaches following the New York Giants' 34-31 overtime victory over the Atlanta Falcons Sunday afternoon.

Check the 'Transcripts' page for even more quotes.

Lawrence Tynes on his game-winning kick:

"I have done it before. I am very, very glad and we are very unfortunate to have gotten the ball in overtime because the way the Falcons were moving the football in the last quarter. I think if they get the ball, they would have a pretty good chance of scoring. I am just glad we won. I will fix whatever I need to fix, but I need to stop missing those short ones. ...

I love those situations. I am not nervous. It is a really good feeling to kind of be a hero for 30 seconds and help your team win a football. I was really looking forward to overtime when we got the ball for sure."

(Full Tynes transcript)

Tom Coughlin on breaking the four-game losing streak:

"We were miserable around here for a month, it’s nice to win. We knew going in it would be this kind of game. If you looked at the way the games have played out for Atlanta, most of our games with the exception of two, they all come down to this type of thing. I didn’t anticipate overtime, but we knew it would be a full four quarters, a full sixty minutes. We did do a lot of soul searching, probably, this past two weeks, although not as much the first week as we did the second week. Just in terms of believing in each other, trusting, that type of thing."

(Full Coughlin transcript)

Linebacker Michael Boley on beating his former team:

"I’m really excited that we got the win today, especially with the way the game was for me. Both teams came into a "must win’ game today. And for it to come down how it did, it was real exciting. It was one of those games where a lot of plays were made by both teams on either side of the ball. This was like a shot of penicillin for us today. For me, personally, I’m very proud of this team and the way all of our guys played today. They showed a lot of heart and a lot of character."

(Post-game player quotes transcript)

Eli Manning on his first 300-yard passing game at Giants Stadium:

"I would have thought I would have had one by now, but I’ll take it any way it comes and especially if it comes in a win. This was definitely a game I will remember for a while. It is a big win for us, we needed one at this time, and hopefully this will keep us going, get a little rally, and continue to play well. We talked a lot this past week and we have a seven-game season right now. What happened before this didn’t really matter, we have seven games, this was the first game, and it was good to get off to a good start."