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Giants 34, Falcons 31 (OT): Keep that coin

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Saved by the overtime coin toss!

After watching the New York Giants defense look helpless in surrendering a lead for the second week in a row, I had zero confidence they could win if the Atlanta Falcons had the ball to begin the overtime.

Thankfully, the Giants got the ball and never gave the defense a chance to muck it up.

Oh, and like you guys I was ready to call for the Giants to get themselves a new kicker after he missed a 31-yard chip shot in the first half. But, Tynes being Tynes he made the kick the Giants needed to save their season, the 36-yard game-winner.

So, this one might not have been pretty. But, the Giants are now 6-4 with a chance to go to Denver Thursday and put themselves firmly back in the playoff picture.

I will take it.

[NOTE: Be sure to check back later for post-game quotes. And, remember to stop by in the morning for the traditional 'Kudos & Wet Willies'.]