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New York Giants notes: Hating the Dallas Cowboys isn't hard

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Hating the Dallas Cowboys comes almost as naturally to New York Giants fans as rooting for our own team. In fact, it's pretty much a requirement.

So, when The Washington Post's football blog, The League, asked me to weigh in on why the Cowboys are one of the most loathed franchises in sports, I was only too happy to oblige.

Here is a small snippet of what I wrote for the Post.

Dallas hasn't won a playoff game since 1996. Yet, ask Cowboy fan and he will tell you his team was the best in the league each and every one of those seasons. Everybody else just got lucky. In the eyes of Cowboy fan, the team has not yet been created that deserves the privilege of stepping on the same field with Dallas.

(Read the full piece here.)

Gilbride to Buffalo?

I know you guys heard the story Thursday of how Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride is on the short list of candidates for the now available Buffalo Bills head coaching job. Well, Ernie Palladino asked KG about the Bills job, and many of you will love what KG had to say.

Gilbride said today that he'd have no trouble accepting the job if the Bills came calling in January. Gilbride said he enjoyed his two years there, from '02-'03, as the offensive coordinator. "I'd certainly be interested," Gilbride said today. "I loved Buffalo and the people. You know, there's nothing much up there, so they're all crazy for the Bills. And I got along with (owner) Ralph Wilson great. "Besides, we're northeast people. I'll go anywhere I have to, and we have, but we'd rather stay in the northeast whenever possible."

Now, before you go and get all excited remember that this is highly unlikely to happen. There is, after all, a long list of potential coaching candidates, including many big-name ones, in line before KG.

You guys also know I have often defended Gilbride, and I happen to agree with the outstanding Giants beat writer Mike Garafolo, who had this to say about KG when reporting the Buffalo story the other day.

"I keep telling you the guy is good and better than you think."

Remember this about fans and offensive coordinators. We were complaining about play calls long before KG came on board, and we will be complaining long after. And we aren't the only ones. Fans around the NFL, and beat writers, make a habit of it.

As an example, in Philadelphia this week even quarterback Donovan McNabb is publicly second-guessing offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.

So, all I'm saying is be careful what you wish for.

Other Stuff
  • KG did meet with the media Thursday and actually talked about the Giants. Turns out he was just as confused by the strange interview running backs coach Jerald Ingram gave last week as I was. (Full Gilbride transcript)
  • Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan said the Giants see the returning Aaron Ross as a cornerback, not a safety. (Full Sheridan transcript)
  • I'm not sure I believe him, but Brandon Jacobs played the good soldier Thursday and said he isn't bothered by his limited workload in recent weeks. (Full Jacobs transcript)
  • Cornerback Terrell Thomas said Thursday he expects fewer mistakes from the secondary the rest of the season.

    "Our defense is hard, it’s complex. Things change at the last second," Thomas said. "Now, they have a good eight games, a good bye week to get adjusted to the defense and how we play it, too – how we play with each other. "It’s hard to line somebody up and say, ‘You’re playing the deep half. This is what you have,’ Something might happen and you have to adjust to it. We didn’t and we were all off. I think we’re back on track as a secondary."

  • What If Sports simulations have the Giants winning this weekend. The simulations don't mean much, but I always get a kick out of them, anyway.
  • SB Nation's NFL Power Rankings, voted on by the football bloggers, show the Colts on top.