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New York Giants Notebook: 11.19.09

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Good Morning Giants fans, only 3 more days until the Giants take the field and get this whole thing turned around. Giants_notebook_468_medium
Here is your morning news and notes from the world of the New York Giants:

In speaking with the media yesterday, Eli Manning said the bye week gave the Giants time to take a fresh look at this season: (click link for full transcript)

We looked at the whole season. You look at the good things, you look at the bad things. You make some corrections, you see what you are doing well and what you need to improve on. You learn from all those things. It is a good time to analyze your play and where you can improve and what you need to fix for the next seven weeks.

If Tom Coughlin is excited to finally have almost his whole defense back and ready to go: (click link for full transcript)

Well, obviously we have had some injuries and we have had guys we have had to get back. We have got them back. So we are excited about that. Now let’s hope we can build some endurance and some opportunities on the practice field to get these guys ready to play.

Atlanta coach Mike Smith talked about whether or not Matt Ryan is going through a sophomore slump: (click link for full transcript)

I think his numbers are comparable when you start talking about completion percentage and touchdowns to where they were at this time last year. Of course, Matt had an outstanding rookie season and playing quarterback in the NFL, to me, is one of the most difficult positions there is. We know that Matt has got to play better. He knows that he has got to play better. But there is a learning curve and it is not something that happens in a very short time. It is something that you have to experience and Matt is going through those experiences right now.

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I'm just going to post this, and stand back: the Buffalo Bills are rumored to be interested in Giants Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride as their new head coach. Before you go getting too excited, you should also know they are looking at Mike Shanahan as well.

Michael Boley tells that he is out to show the Falcons on Sunday what they are missing. I have a better idea Michael.....SHOW THE GIANTS WHAT THEY ARE MISSING INSTEAD!!!!!

And Boley better be ready to show somebody something, because The Fifth Down says he may be covering Tony Gonzalez on Sunday.