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Let's blame Tom Coughlin for everything -- and anything

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New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin seems to want to take the blame for everything, which is probably what a head coach is supposed to do when things go bad.

TC was quite clear where the buck stops with the Giants during a Wednesday rant.

"I’m responsible for all of the decisions that are made with our football team. The green zone decisions are my responsibility. They are nobody else’s. No one else made a mistake. The quarterback did not make a mistake. The decision was mine. I was asked the other day if I had an opportunity, would I change it; would I do something different?

Well, my answer to that is: does that mean that I can also change the fumbled snap, the ball that we thought was going to be a fourth and inches that ended up being fourth and 10, which nobody has even recognized or talked about that. Can I change the running into the returner on the fair catch penalty? Can I change the 29-yard pass interference penalty? If you will give me a chance to change all of those, I’ll change all of those, too. But it is my responsibility and that is where it stops – right here. Nobody else is to blame. So let’s not continue to grope around trying to figure that situation out.

I will tell you right now, we were doing everything we possibly could to win. We had managed the game very well. Our kicking game had helped us out. We were in a position where we thought that the opponent would have to drive the ball the length of the field and score a touchdown to beat us. And, unfortunately, that is what happened. But the on-the-field decisions are mine.

That little tirade got me to wondering if there are other things TC should be held responsible for, too.

  • Like the fact that his star safety developed an arthritic knee. Or that 'Bad, Bad C.C. Brown' is a worse player than anyone could have imagined.
  • Like the fact that Justin Tuck has been playing hurt since Flozell Adams of Dallas tore Tuck's labrum in Week 2 with a cheap trip.
  • Like the fact that Aaron Ross seems to heal as quickly as a 90-year-old man.
  • Like the fact that Eli Manning hurt his foot. Shouldn't he have known that would happen and ordered him treated beforehand?
  • Like the fact that his punter suddenly seems to have decided to act his age.

Probably ought to hold TC responsible for some non-Giants stuff, too.

  • Like how bad the Browns, Raiders and Rams are.
  • Like the fact that Jim Fassel has to coach in the UFL. Oh, wait, that one might actually be Coughlin's fault since he has done so well as Giants coach following the miserable end to Fassel's Giants tenure.
  • Like the fact that Brett Favre is still in the league. Ahh, that one might really be his fault, too.
  • Shoot, maybe global warming and unemployment are Coughlin's fault, too.

Not sure what the point of this little rant was, to be honest. It just felt good to write. I like TC, and I like the stand-up nature of what he said Wednesday. To be honest, all I care about is whether he can do something about that nasty four-game losing streak. That's what is important.