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New York Giants News & Notes: Playoffs? You Kidding Me? Playoffs?

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I hope you'll indulge me the title of this post, but much of the discussion regarding the Giants the past few days has reminded me of Jim Mora's famous rant back in 2001. Obviously the most important thing right now is for the Giants to use their bye week to figure out what has gone wrong, try to fix it, and come up with a big win against the Falcons. Bob Glauber of Newsday has 5 improvements he believes will get the Giants back to playing playoff caliber football.

Steve Serby, on the other hand, believes the playoffs are "Mission: Impossible."

Ralph Vachianno reports that the Giants still see themselves as Super Bowl contenders, and that despite the outcome on Sunday, there was a lot to like. Paul Schwartz of the NY Post offers a similar take.

Brandon Jacobs

Matt Mosley reports that Brandon Jacobs talked about the Giants skid on ESPN 1050, where he defended his now impossible 13 win prediction. Jacobs on the prediction:

"That’s one I’m going to have to deal with for making that prediction. That’s what I really thought then. We had a good team and I really believed that. It just so happened that we have not been playing as good of football as we can play and have penalties and those mistakes. [We're] really beating ourselves."

Speaking of Jacobs, Tom Coughlin sees no problem with the distribution of carries, despite the underutilization of a very effective Brandon Jacobs the past few weeks. This has been perhaps the most perplexing thing about the Giants this season: through the first 5 games, when Jacobs was struggling to a 3.6 YPC average, he was getting 20 carries a game. The past 4 weeks his YPC has gone up to 5.1, but he's only been getting 12.75 carries per game. Maybe one has to do with the other, but from watching the games it seems like the old Brandon Jacobs right from the get-go, and they're just not giving him the ball.

Coaching Questions

Sort of related to the Brandon Jacobs stuff as well as Ed's post from yesterday, Josh Alper of NBC Sports believes that the Giants must use the bye week to put their players in a position to succeed. Couldn't agree more.

Giants great Phil Simms was also critical of some of the coaching decisions on Sunday, and has the benefit of questioning them before they even happened.

Happier Days

The New York Times' Fifth Down blog continues their countdown of the 10 greatest Giants moments at Giants Stadium with a look at Jason Sehorn's incredible interception of a Donovan McNabb pass during the 2000 playoffs. Prior to Super Bowl XLII, this was my all-time favorite Giants play that I vividly remember watching live. Great memories. It's too bad they had to cancel the Super Bowl that year, I really think the Giants could have won it after that beatdown they gave the Vikings...

Interesting footnote: Check out how fast McNabb is moving at the tail end of the video - it's easy to forget that he used to be as much a running threat as he was a passing threat.