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New York Giants news & notes: Gerris Wilkinson surgery, and more

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Here are some of the stories making the rounds of the Inter-Google today about our New York Giants.

  • In case you missed this one, New York Giants reserve linebacker Gerris Wilkinson had wrist surgery Monday and might end up on Injured Reserve.

    My take: Wilkinson is a guy who the Giants had high hopes for a couple of seasons ago. He just can't seem to put together a full season, though. Personally, I didn't understand why Wilkinson was active and Bryan Kehl didn't dress Sunday against the Chargers. I guess that won't be an issue anymore.
  • In a rather long-winded way, Filip Bondy of the New York Daily News said the only difference between this Giants team and the 2007 championship team is that this team has not made the big play at the right time.

    Suddenly the Giants can't even win when they are doing nearly everything they should be doing.

    You can rip Coughlin for taking the three points a couple of times, when he might have tried for seven. You can argue that Eli Manning might have looked downfield a bit more, instead of always accepting what was left for him underneath. But really, for the most part, this is how the Giants marched all the way to a Super Bowl title not so long ago. They outgained the Chargers by nearly 80 yards, owned possession of the ball for nearly 38 minutes.

    This is what we wanted from them.

    That 2007 championship team also took what was given. The difference was that those Giants made the big defensive stop, or that one big play on offense. David Tyree caught a football on his helmet. This team doesn't do that. This one gives up the decisive touchdown drive, leaves the receiver wide open in the end zone in the final minute. It misses the sack that Michael Strahan might have finished.

  • Vinny DiTrani of ponders the long and pothole-filled road the Giants have to traverse to get the playoffs.
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