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Fantasy Football Friday: Giants vs. Raiders Preview

This one's going to be pretty short, because frankly, the fantasy prospects for this game aren't too great.


Brandon Jacobs, RB, NYG - Whether Eli or David Carr makes the start, I expect the Giants to rely on the running game this weekend. The potential is there for Jacobs to have his breakout game of 2009.

Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, NYG - see above. I think this could be the week Bradshaw finds the end zone.

Steve Smith, WR, NYG - I struggled over whether to recommend starting Smith or not. For one, he's going up against the best shutdown corner in the league. For two, at best he'll have an injured Eli Manning throwing him the ball, at worst David Carr. That said, the guy leads the league in every meaningful receiving category. At this point, I think he's earned starting status until he has a few bad games in a row.

Giants Defense - They're playing against JaMarcus Russell. Enough said.


Eli Manning, QB, NYG - He might not even start, and if he does we have no idea how effective he'll be. Check him at game time, but unless your backup is, well, JaMarcus Russell, I'd sit him this week (and if you have JaMarcus on your fantasy team, you fail at life.)

Any Giants receivers not named Steve Smith - Like I said above, I expect the Giants to rely on the run, and even when they're passing, I'm not sure if Manningham or Hicks will get enough looks to make it worthwhile to start.

The Raiders. All of them - I think the Giants are gonna jump out to an early lead, which means the Raiders are going to be passing a lot - and by passing, I mean throwing the ball 10 yards past their receivers on 3 straight plays then punting.