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Top 10 reasons it's great to root for the Giants


It seems that being happy about being a fan of the New York Giants, and enjoying the amazing ride they have been on in recent seasons, has been a theme for me recently.

In reality, you have to look no further than the four teams the Giants have already played this season -- and the one they will play Sunday -- for reasons why being a Giants fan in 2009 is a beautiful thing.

Here, after that lengthy buildup, is a list of 10 reasons why it's great to be a Giants fan.

  1. Our head coach might be in the Hall of Fame one day. The head coach of this Sunday's opponent might be heading to jail.
  2. The quarterbacks for our first five opponents -- Jason Campbell, Tony Romo, Byron Leftwich, Matt Cassel and Jamarcus Russell. Our guy -- Eli Manning.
  3. One more coach comment. Their guys -- Jim Zorn, Wade Phillips, Raheem Morris, Todd Haley, Tom Cable. Our guy -- Tom Coughlin.
  4. Them -- Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, Al Davis. Us -- the Maras and Tisches.
  5. Most noteworthy thing the Cowboys have done this decade -- build a big video board. Most noteworthy Giants' accomplishment -- a Super Bowl title.
  6. The GMs for all those other teams -- who cares, he's not Jerry Reese.
  7. Bruce Springsteen wrote a song about our house. Those other guys well, they get to write yearly epitaphs on how their seasons end in failure.
  8. Those teams have cheerleaders and we don't, but that gives us an excuse to spend extra time ogling them. Oh, and we do still have Reby Sky, our favorite 'NY Giants Girl'.
  9. Giants fans don't have to dress like a Hell's Angel -- or a hog -- to go to the games.
  10. Our QB isn't on TMZ more than ESPN.

My thanks to our man Jim for helping me out with a couple of these. His, umm, warped sense of reality came in handy. Anyway, feel free to add some of your own.