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Kevin Boss, 10.07.09

Q: How are you today?

Boss: I am seeing some improvements, some swelling has gone down a lot in my ankle and they just want me to stay off of it and get a little extra treatment during practice so that is what I did.

Q: Thinking about tomorrow possibly practicing?

Boss: That is going to be their call, so we are just going to have to wait and see.

Q: Do you think you made it worse by playing in the second half?

Boss: I don’t know. Probably didn’t do it a lot of good. They gave me the choice to come out but I kind of wanted to stay in there. I don’t think it hurt it much though.

Q: Eli said that he is getting better every day and that’s giving him a lot of optimism, do you feel the same about your situation?

Boss: I have been seeing improvement every day, basically treating it around the clock, been sleeping with the game ready ice machine and trying to get as much ice and treatment as I can every day. So I am definitely seeing some improvement that is keeping me optimistic.

Q: Do you have the mentality that you will play at all costs or that it will be a game time decision?

Boss: I am just going to prepare like I have been playing and leave it up to Ronnie (Barnes) and the training staff to give me the OK on that.