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New York Giants News & Notes: Injuries; Boomer on Eli; and some more on Steve Smith

With all the injuries piling up for the Giants, I can't help but compare them to the Mets, who many forget were in first place when they started suffering from a rash of injuries that torpedoes their season and turned it into a 92-loss disaster. Luckily, the Giants are a much deeper squad than the Mets, and are built to weather this storm, but I still worry that one or two more injuries to key players could do serious damage to the Giants championship hopes. Winning this game against the Raiders is important, but almost equally as important is getting out of there without any major injuries.

  • Speaking of injuries, Boomer Esiason knows Eli's pain, literally. Esiason, the 1988 NFL MVP, suffered from plantar fasciitis during his career. The injury never caused Boomer to miss a game, but he says that the constant pain in his heel was one of the things that drove him to retirement.
  • Just in case Eli can't make it, David Carr says he's ready to go on Sunday. Also in that article, the Giants have decided to stick with Lawrence Tynes after working out Matt Bryant and Matt Stover yesterday. I have a feeling Tynes is on a short leash, however.
  • Ralph Vachianno reviews the game tape from Sunday's win over the Chiefs, and says no Giants were hurt while reviewing the game. Whew.
  • Finally, Tom Rock at Newsday writes about the emergence of Steve Smith, and a little bit about his matchup with Nmandi Asomugha this weekend.