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Giants News: Giants bringing in Matt Bryant for tryout

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Maybe it's just to put the Fear of Coughlin in his beleaguered kicker, or maybe like most Giants fans, Tom Coughlin has had enough of Lawrence Tynes.

Ralph Vacchiano is reporting that the Giants are going to bring in Matt Bryant for a tryout tomorrow.

Bryant was affectionately nicknamed "The Pawn Star" by my friends and I during his time with the Giants, thanks to his work as a pawn broker prior to playing with them. Bryant went on to play for Tampa, where he kicked a 62-yard field goal against the Eagles, the second longest kick in NFL history.

RV says other kickers are likely to be brought in as well, but no names are known at this point.

Tampa Bay also cut Mike Nugent today, I would think he will also be brought in, since he knows Giants Stadium from his days with the Jets.