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Official word on Eli Manning's injury

Here is the official release from the Giants on Eli Manning's injured foot.

Eli Manning underwent an MRI examination of his right foot this afternoon at Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. The test results showed that Manning has an injury to the plantar fascia and has soreness and swelling in the heel/arch area on the bottom of his foot.

Mike Garafolo has more on Eli's injury, which is called plantar fasciitis, based on Manning's interview today with Michael Kay on ESPN 1050.

This injury is to Eli's plant foot. So, the question will be will the foot be sturdy enough for him to plant and throw normally this weekend against Oakland. From what he said to Kay, Eli doesn't know the answer right now.

"When you do have an injury, you start doing things a little differently. You start tweaking the way you step into a throw, and all of a sudden, instead of using your legs to make a throw or push off with your legs, you’re using your arm and you could make things worse. I’ve got to be conscious of that this week in practice and how things are going. I have to make sure I’m not out there making my shoulder tired or getting bad mechianics, using too much arm and getting a sore elbow or shoulder or whatever. I just have to be smart this week in practice in what I’m doing and just take it day by day, hoping for the best."

All we can do is take our cue from Eli and hope for the best. Oh, and if he can't play be thankful we have the Raiders this weekend.

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