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New York Giants News and Notes: Stuff that isn't about Eli's Heel

The second we find out about Eli's MRI results, we'll pass it along to you, but until then here's some non-heel related stories about the Giants.

  • After going 10 quarters without a sack, the Giants finally broke through with 5 in the second half against Matt Cassell yesterday. Mathias Kiwanuka, on finally breaking through:

"Without taking our focus away from winning the game that's probably the second most important thing for a defensive lineman, that's what we're here for," Kiwanuka said. "The only way you judge pass rushers is by sacks. It was definitely very important, it was a point of emphasis, we're glad that whole chapter is over."

  • Brian Kehl was the underrated star of the game yesterday, scooping up the fumble on the opening kickoff of the game and then recovering the onsides kick on the opening kickoff of the second half. Mike Garafolo has a good write up about Kehl stepping up in his limited opportunities to get on the field.
  • Eli Manning and Steve Smith have developed a chemistry that already rivals what Manning had with Plaxico Burress. The two just seem to be on the same page, and this story enhances that belief.

Eli Manning dispelled a myth about Steve Smith. "Not all of the plays are meant to go to him," Manning said Sunday...

..."Sometimes they tried to cover me, but we waited," Smith said. "Eli does a great job of waiting until I'm open. That's just how it is with zones and trying to hit the one-on-ones outside. Eli does a great job waiting for me to get off the press and get open."

  • When an offensive lineman calls the QB "one of us," you know he's earned their respect. Eli may not look like the toughest guy at first glance, but I'll take his teammates' word for it. I'm confident he'll be out there on Sunday.
  • Couple of interesting tidbits in this article: Hakeem Nicks is getting fined for using the football as a telephone prop after his TD. Welcome to the NFL, Hakeem; Tony Siragusa and Brandon Jacobs talked a bit before the game, but Jacobs doesn't seem all that interested in what Tony had to say; Speaking of Jacobs, he picked up 91 yards on 21 carries. Not the greatest stat line, but up until the 4th quarter he looked like the Brandon Jacobs of last year again, so I'm not concerned about him; finally, Kevin Boss was walking around with a limp after the game. Hope he's ok by next week.
  • Finally, not really a Giants story, but since it's about their next opponent I'll link to it: Raiders coach Tom Cable may be arrested for punching his assistant coach a few weeks ago. I know it's not a good idea to look past an opponent, but how much easier of a matchup can a team possibly have? West coast team traveling across the country and playing in the early game. A QB who had a 48.6 passer rating in his best game of the season. No running back who has run for more than 72 yards in a single game yet this year. A corpse acting as General Manager. And now their coach may be arrested. Major props to the Giants if they come out fully focused on this one next Sunday.