TC Jay Fund

I had the pleasure of attending Tom Coughlin's TC Jay Fund charity dinner on Friday night at Cipriani in Manhattan and I just wanted to share the experience and encourage the Giants faithful to support a great cause.

My initial reaction when I read the list of players in attendance was 'I wonder if Coach makes them go?' because nearly all the players were there. I am sure Coughlin encourages everyone to go but what I realized by talking to and observing the players during the cocktail hour is there is GREAT CHEMISTRY on this team right now.

They were all hanging out in big groups talking to each other and even thanking random people like me for coming! It is times like these that remind me why I am such a die hard Giants fan. Its not just about the great product they put out on the field every year. They are and always have been one of the classiest organizations in all of sports and we should all be proud to wear Giants blue.

I am not affiliated with this charity at all but I can assure you it is a very worthy cause. You can check it out and donate at

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