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Five questions with 'Bleeding Green Nation'


So, it's the arch-rival Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. How could it not be? The New York Yankees are in Philadelphia for the World Series trying to dethrone the defending champs. The timing is perfect.

Every week, of course, we try to do something with the blogger from the opposing team. This week, a straight-up 'Five questions' segmment with Jason from 'Bleeding Green Nation.'

Big Blue View: I think the NFC East is shaping up the way we figured it would. The Giants, Eagles and, yes, the Cowboys all fighting for the top spot. Both the Giants and Eagles seem like good, but flawed teams. How do you feel about your team at this point in the season?

Bleeding Green Nation: I think it's a team with a good defense and inconsistent offense. Donovan McNabb hasn't been sharp for the past two weeks and the offensive line has struggled. The line should be getting healthier, which will help. McNabb always seems to go through stretches where he gets off target and struggles like this, but he's always pulled himself out of them as well. I suppose there's always the chance that some of McNabb's struggles stem from the cracked rib he had earlier in the year, but it's hard to say. I like all the skill positions on offense, but McNabb and the guys up front need to be better for me to feel really good about the offense.

Big Blue View: Will Brian Westbrook play Sunday? With all the talk about and study of concussions lately, maybe the more important question is this. In your mind, should he play?

Bleeding Green Nation: He should play if he's cleared to play. I don't know how severe his concussion is and obviously they're all different. I'm sure the Eagles doctors wouldn't clear him to play if they didn't think he would be fine. So if they say he's good to go I'm comfortable with him out there. The general feeling around the local media is that it's doubtful that he'll play... but this is one of those things that entirely dependent on how he feels. So it's pretty much impossible to say.

Big Blue View: Any thoughts on Steve Smith's comments that "opportunities are going to be there" against the Eagles secondary?

Bleeding Green Nation: It seems kind of odd. I haven't noticed wide receivers running wide open down the field every week like Steve Smith apparently has. I have noticed that the Eagles are 2nd in the NFL in picks this year. I know they're 5th best against the pass in the NFC. I know they've allowed more than 17 points just once this year... It seems like those numbers would be tough to reach if there's WRs running free and uncovered down the field.

Big Blue View: In Philly, will there be more excitement about Yankees-Phillies in the World Series Sunday, or Giants-Eagles battling for the top spot in the NFC East?

Bleeding Green Nation: Is that a serious question? I know we like our football... but it's the freakin' World Series and the Phillies have a chance at a dynasty here. It's really not even close as to where most of the excitement will be.

Big Blue View: Hakeem Nicks just won NFC Rookie of the Month for October. Jeremy Maclin has done well for the Eagles. I suspect we may be comparing these guys for a while. Did the Eagles make the right choice taking Maclin and leaving Nicks for the Giants?

Bleeding Green Nation: I think it's obviously far too early to be wondering who the better player is, but I would imagine both teams are pretty satisfied with their picks so far. Maclin was among the 3 or 4 other guys nominated for the rookie of the month, his stats are pretty comparable, and he's now got himself a starting job... So I think everyone is satisfied. At least neither guy is Crabtree or Hewyard-Bey.