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Mario Manningham, 10.30.09

Q. How are you feeling?

A. I’m good. I’m feeling good. I fell on my shoulder yesterday. I’m cool.

Q. What happened?

A. I just fell on it at practice.

Q. Diving for a pass?

A. No, I just fell on it, trying to get a pass.

Q. Coach sounded hopeful that you would be out there on Sunday?

A. Oh yeah, I will be out there, no question. I’m going to be alright.

Q. No damage, just a bruise?

A. Yeah, a little bruised.

Q. Have you had anything similar earlier this year?

A. No, I fell on it kind of hard. It’s no big deal. I’ll be alright.

Q. What shoulder was it in the Dallas game?

A. My left shoulder.

Q. And this shoulder?

A. My left shoulder. I’m good, I’m good. You all will see me out there on Sunday.

Q. Did you try to talk your way into practice today?

A. Half and half. We were doing green zone today. It wasn’t really a Wednesday practice. I didn’t want to force anything. I will be alright man. You will all see me out there Sunday.