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Trash talk time: Must be a rivalry week

Ahh, yes. Some good old-fashioned NFC East trash talk. First, Steve Smith talks about how the Giants expect to have opportunities for big plays Sunday against Philadelphia's secondary.

Now, Eagles corner Sheldon Brown has responded to Smith. You knew someone would. Here is what he said.

"We blitz," Brown told Thursday. "The ball’s got to come out quick. It doesn’t matter who’s open. If the quarterback can’t throw the ball, it doesn’t really matter.

"I’m sure a lot of people say that on film," Brown said. "I could be open 25, 30 yards down the field, but if the quarterback is sacked, then you’re not open."

Sunday, we find out who should have kept his mouth shut.

[NOTE: Thanks to the great Mike Garafolo for linking to my Kevin Boss post. It always make me feel good to get props from the big boys.]