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Previewing Giants vs. Chiefs, 'Kudos & Wet Willies' style

Let's take a look at Sunday's matchup between our New York Giants and the Kansas City Chiefs, in what is becoming our standard 'Kudos & Wet Willies' preview style.

There will be lots of 'Kudos' Monday if ...
  • The Giants play like the Giants. If the Giants don't suffer any sort of let down against the 0-3 Chiefs, this should be another game in the win column for the good guys. I don't expect that to happen. This team's maturity level is one of the most impressive things about it.
  • The Giants take advantage of the porous KC offensive line. The Chiefs have had all sorts problems in the offensive line thus far, and are still shifting personnel. The Giants have just three sacks in three games, but if that number doubles on Sunday I would not be surprised. The Chiefs have surrendered eight sacks thus far.
  • Kevin Boss has a big day. It seems the Chiefs have had trouble covering the tight end this season, so Sunday could be a breakout day for Boss.
  • Brandon Jacobs plays angry. The Beast has been hearing criticism this week, and you know he isn't happy about it. Someone is going to pay, and pay with pain, for the comments that Jacobs has been 'tip-toeing.'
There will be lots of 'Wet Willies' if ...
  • The Giants turn the ball over. They have not had a turnover since Week 1 against Washington. Like Tampa Bas last week the Giants face a team that should not be able to compete with them -- unless the Giants hand them easy opportunities with turnovers.
  • KC running back Larry Johnson has a big day. He is averaging just 2.5 yards per carry this season. The Chiefs, though, are 12-1 when Johnson gets 30 or more carries. The Giants need to show that they can continue to stuff the run like they did last week, instead of being gashed for big plays like they were against the Cowboys.

SUMMARY: Over at Arrowhead Pride they are trying to convince themselves their Chiefs have a shot at getting their first victory on Sunday. They are trying, but even they don't sound like they really believe it. Neither do I. The only way the Giants lose on Sunday is if they beat themselves with stupid mistakes. I see no reason that will happen.