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New York Giants news and notes: Sunday's game is critical

Gary Myers of the New York Daily News did not mince words discussing the importance of Sunday's game in Philadelphia for the suddenly slumping New York Giants.


One week is an aberration, two weeks is a slump, three weeks is a collapse.

The Giants have pushed right past step two and they desperately need to beat the Eagles in Philly on Sunday to avoid step three and restore order to their season.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Giants looked like the best and most complete team in the league. But in the last two weeks, they've been put in their place by the Saints, the last of the undefeated teams in the NFC, and the Cardinals, the defending conference champions. It raises legitimate questions about just how far they can go this season.

Did they get through the first month undefeated simply because they were playing the dysfunctional Redskins and the inept Buccaneers, Chiefs and Raiders in their 5-0 start? Or were they just playing superior football compared to the mess they've put on the field the last two games?

Those games against the NFL's worst teams have proven to be misleading about where they Giants are right now and if nothing else provided them with a false sense of security. But just as their season fell apart after they zoomed all the way to 11-1 last season, they can turn things around this year before they spiral out of control.

Here are a couple of opinions from other Giants' bloggers on the state of the Giants.

  • Giants 101 is really bumming.

    For the first time since Superbowl XLII, I feel like I have been completely dragged back to earth. In 2008, The Giants were crushing their opponents at will spare one bump in the road in Cleveland. Then of course, The Plaxico Burress Saga began. Even with that said, the 2009 season held a lot of promise. In the first five weeks, The Giants showed why. Recently, not so much. The Giants have dropped two games in a row, and have showed that they have real issues.
  • Over at Ultimate NYG, where they love to hate Kevin Gilbride, they are screaming for more play-action passes.