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Notes & quotes from a disappointing night

Here are a few more thoughts and reactions to Sunday night's 24-17 loss by our New York Giants to the Arizona Cardinals.

  • I think we can argue about whether Brandon Jacobs should have played more. I think he should have, but I am still not going to kill offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. For the second straight week, there were plays to be made by the offense, and they simply did not get it done. Particularly, the wide receivers. Here is center Shaun O'Hara, largely summarizing my own thoughts.

    "In the NFL you have to make plays where there are plays to be made. We are not playing the football that we know we can play. It is frustrating. You work hard all week to win games. And to not win at home and in this fashion, obviously we are very disappointed."
  • Eli Manning admitted that the Giants offense could simply never find a rhythm.

    "We did struggle from the get-go, just being consistent. Getting first downs, moving the ball, we never really had any long drives where we were running it and throwing it, mixing and matching, and getting consistent. We have to give credit to them for doing a good job. We had too many third and longs and not enough positive plays," Manning said. "Not enough situations where you as a quarterback are just finding your rhythm in the passing game or the running game and just getting up there and getting a lot of plays. There were too many three and outs and it was just not consistent football.

    "I don’t think we have to get concerned. We have to play better football. We have to get back to just being consistent, finding our rhythm, playing the way that we started the season. Just making some plays and throwing the ball down the field. We haven’t hit our big plays that we were hitting earlier in the season."
  • Coach Tom Coughlin was forthright in pinning this loss on the offense.

    You have to play very, very well in all three phases to have a chance to win any game. We have had a couple of situations where one side or the other has not played as well as we possibly can play. What solves that is all three phases getting back in sync and playing well together again. This week it was the offense that didn’t play well, wasn’t in sync, didn’t really have any rhythm for quite some time. ... Not enough consistency at all."

    I am always concerned when you lose. I am not sure what that word means but there are a lot of things that need to be addressed. I still say we have a good group of young men in the locker room. They want to do well, they want to play well, they have good attitudes, they work hard. For whatever reason, we have had two weeks in a row where one particular area has not performed very well. So, back to the drawing board."

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