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Keep the remote close tonight

Thanks for nothing, Bud!

Anyone who is a fan of both the New York Yankees and New York Giants, like myself, can't possibly be very happy this morning. Thanks to baseball's moronic scheduling, we have to choose between watching the Yankees and Giants tonight -- as both games start after 8 p.m.

Why, Bud? Oh, I already know the answer. Because the 8:20 start is necessitated by FOX. Never mind the fact that it puts fans of both teams in an awkward position.

Start the game in the afternoon and you get two things. Warmer weather this late in the year that is more conducive to baseball. And, you turn it into a great sports day for Yankees/Giants fans.

But no, we can't have the game during the day because FOX is showing NFL games.

So, what do you do? Flip channels incessantly? Use the picture-in-picture functionality to see both, if your television is equipped with it? DVR both games so you can go back-and-forth and make sure you don't miss any of the key action in either game?

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