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New York Giants news and notes: Osi, and some other stuff

Here are a few more New York Giants stories to help you pass the time on a Friday afternoon.

Osi Umenyiora plans to be more aggressive - -

"Sometimes when you get into that mind frame that you’re going to rush, you just have to rush," the two-time Pro Bowl defensive end said Thursday. "You can’t be sitting over there taking what they give you. You have to dictate to them exactly what you’re going to do.

"I don’t want to be sitting there thinking it’s a run when it’s a pass. I just want to take off, which is what I’m definitely going to try to start doing a lot more of."

Umenyiora has only three sacks in six games, which means he’s on pace for a single-digit sack total in a full season for the first time since 2004, when he spent the first half of the season as a backup.

To that I say it's about time, Chief! Go make some plays.

Giants Safeties know the heat is on

Ernie Palladino has video of interviews with both 'Bad, Bad C.C. Brown' and Aaron Rouse. Brown talks about being coached to try and make better plays on the ball. Rouse discusses being ready to contribute in the event he gets more playing time.

On Brown, I know you can be coached to make better reads and be in better position. I don't know if you can be coached to make better plays on the ball, though. To me, that's instinctive. And it does not appear to be an instinct C.C. has.

Brandon Jacobs feeling frisky

Running back Brandon Jacobs seems primed for a big game very soon. He thought that would come last week.

"I sensed it. In that game last week I thought the Saints played a good game. I think that could have been a record game with the most rushing yards for us. We had to change our plans and go with the flow of the game," Jacobs said. "We definitely have to get back there. We led the league last year and we are behind now. We have to try to get back in it. We start with a good Cardinals team that is coming in here who is playing good football right now and played good last week. It is a challenge for us."

Memo to Kevin Gilbride: Stay patient, give the ball to Jacobs 20 times or so and let him be the guy we know he can be.

Gilbride laments missed chances

Since we mentioned him, Gilbride said going forward the Giants have to do a better job cashing in their chances than they did against New Orleans.

"Three of the first ten plays we had a chance to score a touchdown and we didn’t do it. Seven times over the course of the game we had a chance to score a touchdown and didn’t for one reason or another," he said.

Gilbride was also asked about the Giants' ability over the years to bounce back from difficult losses.

"I think it is a combination of things. We have the right character of players and a bunch of strong-minded coaches who are very determined and don’t waver in the belief in the team, the system and approach. It was one of those aberrations that you didn’t play as well as you should have. It’s not like we didn’t have chances. Offensively we had tons of them and didn’t take advantage. We believe what we are doing is right and we believe in our players and each other. Hopefully we will continue to come back," Gilbride said. "I think it is easy to have doubt and not trust what you are doing or the players. You try to make adjustments and if you have the right people, it is the worst thing you can do."

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